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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. ”

TryTalko Platform Policies


In TryTalko, we ask that all teachers adhere to our Teacher Code of Conduct. Our teachers should be culturally sensitive, professional , patient and polite .

TryTalko Teacher Code of Conduct :

If a student contacts one of our teachers asking about lessons outside of the TryTalko system, they should remind the student that lessons must be scheduled and paid for through the TryTalko booking system.

TryTalko reserves the right to deactivate teaching accounts that are found to be in violation of its teaching policy. Teachers should NOT :

• Provide or post false, misleading, inaccurate, or plagiarized information (includes profile, course content, lesson history, feedback, etc).

• Sell services for free or in exchange for feedback.

• Advertise or promote competing services.

• Post private contact information or information that could lead TryTalko students to book or pay for lessons outside of the TryTalko Platform.

• Alter their degree, CV, work experience or certificates.


Students should understand and agree that TryTalko teachers are responsible for determining how tutoring services will be completed. In addition, they have the right to express themselves and participate freely in the session . However, they are expected to treat the teacher with courtesy and respect. Also, they should agree that lessons must be only scheduled and paid for through the TryTalko booking system .

If students miss their lessons or they are late for their lessons, both students and teachers can agree to reschedule the lesson through TryTalko booking system. However, in the event that a disagreement or reported problem is raised to be a dispute and TryTalko is asked to mediate, we will use the guidelines outlined in the Terms of Service.


Each lesson is scheduled for 60 minutes. Prices for language tuition are set by TryTalko teachers themselves, because each teacher teaches different skills and levels. Each teacher values his own effort by setting his own teaching price. Paying for classes is easy. We accept all major cards and PayPal. All prices shown represent the total price per 60 minute class.

If there are any problems, we hope teachers and students can come to an agreement. If they are not able to reach an agreement, then they should contact TryTalko Team.

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