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TryTalko Teacher Policies & Teacher Code of Conduct

All teachers approved to teach on TryTalko must agree to Teacher’s Terms of Service.Moreover, we all our teachers adhere to our Teacher’s Code of Conduct.

TryTalko Teacher Code of Conduct :

● Be culturally sensitive: Respect the values and traditions of your students and avoid asking questions about the following:

1. Personal life: Avoid asking students about their personal information, for example: their marital status.

2. Politics: Avoid asking students about their political affiliations.

3. Religion: Avoid asking students about their religious views.

● Be Professional: All TryTalko teachers are expected to be professional in their field. They must abide by the following:

1. Responsiveness: Be prompt to replying to student’s questions and lessons requests.

2. Responsibility: Maintain your calendar to accurately reflect the times you can be available for lessons.

3. Actively manage your profile: Regularly check in to answer messages, adjust your time availability schedule and update your status; teachers who actively manage their profile will attract more students.

● Be Patient and Polite: Here are some tips:

1. Do not tell them they are dumb or insult their current level of language ability.

2. Teach using respectful language and professional courtesy.

3. If you are not sure that you will be able to handle a situation with composure, you are welcome to contact TryTalko or to suggest that the student contacts TryTalko’s Support to resolve the issue.

When submitting your course, you agree to:

1. Not submit courses or lessons that are made with the intent to commit fraud. Doing so will result in immediate termination of your membership.

2. Respond promptly, within one business day, to private messages from students

3. Respond promptly, within one business day, to any inquiry from Customer Service.

Do not take students off of TryTalko or accept payment outside of the TryTalko system:

If a student contacts you asking about lessons outside of TryTalko’s system, please remind the student that lessons must be scheduled and paid for through TryTalko’s booking system.

If the student is willing to book lessons through TryTalko’s system, this is fine. If the student insists on recruiting teachers off of TryTalko or avoid using TryTalko’s booking system, this is not acceptable and student must be reported to TryTalko’s Support.

TryTalko Lesson Policy:

TryTalko wishes to ensure clarity, so that everyone can have a positive experience connecting with teachers or language learners. All teachers should be aware of TryTalko’s Lesson Policy as this will be used in the case of a dispute.

Commitment: An accepted lesson is a commitment you make with your students. If you know you’ll be away and unable to respond to students, take the responsibility to notify your students of your absence and update your profile accordingly.

Start lessons on time: Teachers should initiate contact with students on time , particularly if it is the first time for a student to attend the session.

End lessons on time: Teachers should politely let students know that their lessons are ending by reminding them before the lesson ends.

If a student fails to attend a lesson and requests to reschedule the class, then it is the teacher role to kindly accept rescheduling the lesson.

Waiting for a student : Teachers should wait for the student until the lesson’s end time. The teacher should start the lesson at the time the student attends. The teacher is not required to make up for lost teaching time.

When a teacher cannot attend a lesson , booked by the student: In extreme situations when teachers cannot possibly attend the lesson due to a change in their schedule. They must communicate the issue to a student, and inform them that they can reschedule the lesson at their convenience.

Recording Content : Sessions may be recorded or monitored. Teachers hereby consent to the monitoring or recording of any session they engage in. TryTalko uses such recordings for any business purpose, including without limitation for purposes of teacher evaluation, and training, dispute resolution and improving the service.

Violations of Trytalko Policy or Terms of Service:

TryTalko reserves the right to deactivate teaching accounts that are found to be in violation of its teaching policy. If you are concerned that something you’re doing might be considered a violation, please contact TryTalko support immediately.

Major teaching account violations include, but are not limited to:

Violations of TryTalko Community Guidelines : TryTalko Teachers are part of the TryTalko Community. Please help us maintain a positive language-learning environment.

● Violations of TryTalko Teacher Code of Conduct : As an online educator on TryTalko, language students around the world are trusting you. Be timely, professional, and responsible in your communications with students during teaching sessions.

TryTalko System Policy Violations:

DO Not:

● Provide or post false, misleading, inaccurate, or plagiarized information (includes profile, course content, lesson history, feedback, etc.)

● Request others to provide or post false, misleading, inaccurate, plagiarized, or private information.

● Sell your services for free or in exchange for feedback.

● Advertise or promote competing services.

● Do not post private contact information or information that could lead TryTalko students to book or pay for lessons outside of the TryTalko platform.

● Manage multiple TryTalko accounts.

● Alter your degree, CV, work experience or certificates: If we discover that you have forged or altered your degree, CV, work experience or certificates, your teacher profile will be suspended or deactivated immediately.

TryTalko encourages teachers and students to communicate, reach an agreement, and settle issues together. However, in the event that a disagreement or reported problem is raised to be a dispute and TryTalko is asked to mediate, we will use the guidelines outlined in the Terms of Service. TryTalko's decision on the dispute is final. Please note that in the case of a dispute, it is up to the teacher and the student to provide proof to TryTalko to support their positions.

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